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In Arabian African not everything is about our expertise, but also about our story.

Entering the company in 1992, becoming general manager in 2003 and owners in 2013, wife and husband are the 2nd generation of this family business.

The team’s most valued member started in 1977 and since 2007 performs with charm and enthusiasm as a proxy.

Our experience along history give us the know-how to care about customers, suppliers and our Team.

We are certainly prepared for any customer’s requirements, regardless of their conditions.

Years of experience allow us to deliver capital goods, spare parts and services to a wide range of customers in different regions of the world.

Tilo Treitlein

Tilo Treitlein

Mineral Engineer with over 20 years of experience in West Africa.
Expert in mineral and industrial clients with an emphasis on Francophone countries.

“I have gained over 20 years’ experience working in Africa. In that time I have undertaken projects in a very wide range of activities from mining exploration, construction, transport, logistics management to refugee repatriation. My diverse experience and technical knowledge can be used to help you.”

Fluent in English, French and German

Tristan Treitlein

Tristan Treitlein

Over 20 years of experience in spare parts export.

„I have worked selling spare parts & specially modified vehicles for 20 years and have a very good technical knowledge of the various aspects of the equipment used in container terminals and ports.“

Fluent in English, German and French

Lisandro José Gimenez

Lisandro José Gimenez

Expert in Logistics and Transportation, he is our specialist in the development of business relationships in the area of Latin-America and overall Spanish speaking countries. He develops in the area of ports, and cleaning solutions for food and beverage industries around the globe.

“I perform in the analysis, research and preparation of recommendations for action. Consulting services in sales, marketing and logistics processes.”

Fluent in Spanish and English

Sergej Roschkowitsch

Sergej Roschkowitsch

More than 10 years of experience in export sales/business with main focus on container terminal ports from Middle East, South East Asia and North Africa.

"Over the years I was involved in almost all fields of activities within the company (purchase, sales, projects, and logistics). Now I take care of sales/ customer development as key account manager.”

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German

Export Support

Our team from the back office are the guardians of our customers’ interests. They are holding the core business of our Company. It is their duty to engage and ensure the customers’ services are fulfilled.

Taking on day-to-day task with dedication.


Since 2004, Arabian African mentors students/trainees, first career starters and researchers.

The German Chamber of Commerce has commemorated the company of Arabian African as “Training Company 2021”.

Team of Arabian African

The business is based on trust and commitment to the clients of different regions.
Our services are provided in these different languages listed: German, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Depending on your preferences, the team of Arabian African creates solutions for your business requirements.

We offer ALL IN ONE service:

ONE personal contact partner
ONE invoice
ONE delivery

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