• About Us

Arabian African is a family owned company, founded in 1971. As such, we understand the value of caring for each other’s interests. Therefore, it is our philosophy to take care of the best interests of our customers.

Our team is built by professionals from all across the globe, and ready to consult the options that will better suite your requirements. As a German company, we honour the quality and professionalism in every step of our processes.

Satisfied and happy customers are our first priority.

The Office

Our Headquarter is located in Ulm, Germany. We have a lovely pavilion right in the heart of the building, connecting our different departments. The Company yard is equipped with a garden where our team grows vegetables and fruits that we share throughout the company.


Our Company has an optimized warehouse. That is located one door away to the back office. We are glad to say that we benefit from a transparent oversight of our logistic processes. Arabian African, therefore, has an efficient and effective end-to-end management.